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Resolution 175-2016

October 24, 2016


One and Two Family Homes
(New Homes and Additions)
$25 Per 100 sq. ft. floor area 
Non-residential or Combined Use $35 Per 100 sq. ft. floor area
Utilities (permitted towers, substations, etc.) $1,500 up to 3,000 sq. ft.,
$35 per 100 sq. ft. over 3,000 sq. ft.

Renovations (where building permit is


Garages $20 per 100 sq. ft. floor area
Decks and Porches $75
Chimneys, Wood Stoves and Gas Heaters $40
Mobile Homes - Single $150
Mobile Homes - Double Wide $225
Demolition Permits $75
Swimming Pools - Above Ground $60
Swimming Pools - In Ground $100
Sheds 144 sq. ft. and up to 300 sq. ft. $25
Sheds over 300 sq. ft. $20 per 100 sq. ft. floor
Solar Residential $50
Solar Commercial $0.36 per sq. ft. of panel


Septic Systems - New

(Profesional Engineering Perc Test and Design Required by New York State Department of Health)

No Fee
Septic System Replacement or Repair $40
Sewer Hookup to Town Sewer District:  
Hookup and Inspection $75
Sewer Repair Inspection $40
Fitting (if needed) $30


Culverts Under Driveways

(Highway Dept. Inspection)


Culverts Across Roads

(Highway Dept. Inspection)



Planned Development District Application Fee
(Inc. 10 Acres)
Over 10 Acres and Under 25 Acres Add $125/Acre
Over 25 Acres and Under 50 Acres Add $100/Acre

Over 50 Acres

Add $75/Acre
Amendment to the Planned Development District One-Half of the Original Fee

Conservation Lands will be excluded from the Acreage calculations

Special Use Permit or Variance - Non-Commercial $40
Special Use Permit or Variance - Commercial Use $200
Renewable Special Use Permit or Variance - Commercial Use* $100

*Any other annual town fees associated with the commercial use of the property will be waived upon payment of the fee for Renewable Use Permit or Variance.

Site Plan Review - Up to 10 Acres $300
Site Plan Review - 10 Acres and Less Than 25 $1,000
Site Plan Review - 25 Acres and Less Than 50 $2,000
Site Plan Review - 50 Acres $4,000
Site Plan Review - Renewal One-Half of the Original Fee

(Undeveloped Lands Will Be Excluded From the Acreage Calculations)

Subdivision Application - Minor Subdivision $30 per lot
Subdivision Application - Major Subdivision $100 plus $30 per lot for initial application;
$50 plus $10 per lot for Final Plat approval
Lot Line Adjustment $50


Building Permit Renewal One-Half of Original Permit Cost 
Temporary Certificate of Occupancy $10
Certificate of Occupancy Search / Prior to Zoning $15
Certified Copies / Genealogy Searches $10
Park Usage (day usage) $25 plus a refundable $25 deposit, 
returned if park is left in good condition following inspection
Festivals or Public Gatherings $5
Beer Permits $20
Dog License - Spayed or Neutered $7
Dog License - Unspayed / Unneutered $15
Dog License - Late fee (if not renewed within 30 days of expiration) $5
Dog License - Tag Replacement $2
Signs subject to Sign Ordinance
Fee will be waived if sign permit is part of a site plan approval
Billboards $50
Photocopies, letter or legal $0.25
Copies of electronic media $3
Copies of Engineering Prints $5